Sexy bikini babes and hot surfing action

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XXX Anime: Can Can Bunny Extra
A surfing competition will decide if this group of guys and gals get to keep their hotel on the beach, or have to give it up to the mean Old Man. It doesn’t help that the Old Man’s granddaughter is sleeping with one of the guys. Now if they can only get the surfing champion, who lost his lover in a typhoon, to surf again! Otherwise, inexperienced Kenta will have to take his place. Will Kanada get his groove back in time to save the hotel?

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Sexy fun at the beach with girls in bikini

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Distracted by thoughts of sexy toon girls in bikini, Kenta gets caught into accepting a part time job at a Hotel Resort that may be running out of business. With a big typhoon coming their way, the guys better get ready for it! The typhoon is not the only threat they face, the mean Old Man, who owns the biggest hotel on the beach, also wants to run them out of business! If you like the beach, surfing and sexy girls in bikini, get ready for this jam packed adventure!

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Magic elves help this college boy score

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Kenta is a typical college boy, and he’s been on a roll lately! He’s scored with seven different girls thanks to some magical help! Kenta’s dorm partner offers him his job at a Resort Hotel, and dazed at the opportunity of picking up sexy anime girls in bikini, he decides to take it. Of course his magical friends will tag along with him, as Kenta has no idea of the types of adventures he is going to get into. Get ready for lots of fun at the beach, with loads of hot babes in tight bikinis!

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Incredible adventures of Kenta and his magic friends

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Kenta is a typical student, down on his luck until he meets a mystical babe and the Gods of Luck, who turn him into a heartthrob, scoring with all the girls. When one of his friends disappears mysteriously, Kenta sets up to find her, along with his magical friends. A mystical cross might hold some connection with the disappearance, if only Kenta can put together all the pieces of this puzzle! Will he find his friend and come out victorious?

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Kenta gets lucky with a little help from his magical friends

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Kenta, a young college student, never had any luck with the girls. It all changes when this mystic babe moves in with a host of magical beings, who turn Kenta’s fate around, transforming him into one horny heartthrob. Now Kenta uses his newly found magic powers to score with the hottest anime babes on campus. He will soon discover that with great power comes great responsibility. When a mysterious storm cloud looms above Kenta’s house, things get dangerous for Kenta and his magical friends.

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College boy and magical friends in wild adventures

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Anime porn movie: Can Can Bunny Extra
Meet Kenta. This college boy is a total loser and he has never seen a naked girl in his entire life. While his friends fornicate with the college hotties, he’s alone in his room trying to surf some porn on the internet. Kenta feels his life is going to waste until he meets this mystical girl and her magical friends. Using their fantastic powers, they turn Kenta into a total hottie, and soon his sex life takes a huge turn for the better as he starts to score with all the babes on campus and gets into the most incredible adventures and situations!

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