Incredible sex adventures in Beast City!

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The city is being terrorized by the Beast Clan, tempting people with lust and desire and turning them into horrible creatures. Enter Vampire Madonna: she has come to the city to fight the Beast Clan and return peace and order to the population. She has a voracious appetite for human sex and she is always very horny and ready to fuck. Some of the Beast Hunters, perverted and corrupted by power, take sexual advantage of the defenseless people they supposedly protect. But these aren’t “normal” girls, they are Beasts! Will the horny Vampires be able to tell friend from foe and save the city?

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Humans must choose to be fucked by sexy vampires or hideous beasts

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A terrified college student in tight uniform tries to run away from some sort of hideous beast. The beast catches up with her, ripping apart her uniform and releasing her big, meaty tits and hardened nipples. As the deformed depraved monster prepares to feast on the tender flesh of the girl, he is assaulted by a mysterious heroine called Vampire Madonna. The Vampires prey on the Demons, destroying them, yet they also thirst for human sex. Will the humans prefer to be fucked by the sexy vampires or the horrible beasts?

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