It’s the winter of desire and wild fucking!

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So, this kid loses his virginity in summer with his schoolgirl sweetheart, and cheats on her with another babe during autumn. Fuck, this kid doesn’t waste any time at all! Now it’s winter, and we all wonder what will happen next! Looks like winter breezes bring along a host of new anime babes, all of them hot and voluptuous and really wanting to feel some hard cock in their wet cunts and sex holes!

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Autumn comes along with waves of lust

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This kid was a total virgin until summer came along and he fell in love with his schoolgirl sweetheart, and they finally lost their virginity together. Now it’s autumn, and he’s looking to spice things up and get to some really wild sex with her. Damn, this kid’s a fucking pervert! The only thing on his mind is fucking his girlfriend! There’s no denying that she’s a fire-crotch too, this slut can’t keep her panties around her hips! Enjoy the whole anime video to see what autumn brings these young lovers.

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Virgin boy wants to become a man in the summer

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This is the first time this geek is seeing an actual pussy! What a lame loser! Turns out he’s just daydreaming while riding his bike. He’s gonna get killed by a truck like that, and die a loser virgin! This dude needs to get laid pronto! The only thing he can think so is getting his hard dick inside some girl’s wet pussy. His luck just might change when he takes a summer job at a restaurant by the beach, with plenty of hot anime chicks working by his side. Will he lose his virginity or spend all summer jerking off alone in the bathroom?

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